“Jimi Hendrix and the Panama Red”

I call this episode:”Jimi Hendrix and the Panama Red”

Many moons ago, there lived an incredible musician named Jimi Hendrix. (You may have heard of him!)
He was scheduled to do a couple of shows here in Memphis, TN. and at that time his bass player and good friend of ours, Noel Redding, had his own band out called Fat Mattress. Noel’s band was opening the shows for Jimi for that particular tour, and a friend of who was the concert promoter for this show (Bob Kelly — who recently passed away) calls us up at home. Fat Mattress was on a plane that was gonna be late because of bad weather, and Bob had no opening act for Jimi!! We were in town, and would we be interested in opening the show for Jimi??!!

Well, Hell Yeah!!!
Who Wouldn’t??!!

We, being members of the 70’s generation, were great advocates of the wonders of pot!!The only problem was that at that time, Memphis had been dry for months, and so had we!! If you’ve never been cursed (or blessed–however you look at it) with this hunger, you probably won’t understand the rest of this story! The rest of you can read on!
The day of the show, we had not only scored, but managed to find REAL Panama Red–fresh off the boat from a friend of ours in the Merchant Marines! That was a rare thing, even in those days. Nowadays, it’s extinct. We decided to save this treat until the nightime, when we jammed with Jimi himself!
We load up our gear and head to the auditorium, arriving just in time to find that Noel’s group WOULD make the show!! Bob, the promoter, however, wants us to stay at this sold-out show, and pulls up fold-out chairs to within two feet of the front of the stage! TWO FEET! These were the days of people having to stay in their seats, (which were 20 feet back!) and the crowd hated that WE could be that close–and they couldn’t!
Jimi slammed, too, by the way!!

Anyway, Jimi had some tuning problems during his set, and we could tell he was pissed about it. After the his first show, (he had two),Bob says that he can take Jim Dandy back to say hi to Hendrix–so off Jim goes!(With the smoke!) Jim introduces himself, and tries to cheer Jimi up before his next set by pulling out the bag and offering Jimi a bud or two! Jimi then smiles, snatches the ENTIRE bag, puts it in his pouch, says thank you very much, and has Jim ushered out by GIANT security people before Jim can object!!
Jim Dandy now has to try to explain to us that after all this time of fasting, we once again have NO POT!!
We never even got to taste the stuff!

Our only consolation was the fact that we heard that Hendrix’s NEXT set was REALLY KILLER!! Yeah… right!

Jimi, when I finally get to Rock and Roll Heaven, you owe me a lid!!
Ya’ll tune in again next time!! Love ya!
Rickie Lee

Copyright © Rickie Lee Reynolds