Hi gang! Ain’t that girl pretty? This lil’ ol’ page is set up so you can actually get a hold of us for such stuff as:

Band questions, booking information, additional merchandise that will pop up from time-to-time, touring information, whether or not there’s any chance that Jim Dandy might be yur daddy, and a whole plethora of other questions or requests you might have. If you have photos to donate to the BOA Gallery… this is the place to contact us! I only ask that we not receive questions that are too hard to answer, such as, “What’s the difference between a banana?” or maybe, “How many Eskimos can’t be wrong?” Send booking requests to this email and we’ll get back atcha as quick as a hillbilly bath!

Black Oak Arkansas
P.O. Box 69
Black Oak, Arkansas, 72414 USA

Rickie Lee Reynolds
3653 Rhea Ave,
Memphis TN  38122